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Schüssler-Salts to quit Smoking

Have you planned to quit smoking? A lot of willpower and stamina is required for such an undertaking. The following Schüssler-Salts may provide natural support:

The Salt No. 6 Potassium sulphate 6X occurs among other things in the mucous membranes and helps effectively with the purification.

The Salt No. 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X strengthens the nerves.

The supplementary remedy No. 27 Potassium bichromicum assists in the fight against emerging food cravings.

We wish you all the best in your endeavours!

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Correct Administration

Schüssler-Salts can easily be administered according to one’s needs. You have the choice.

Internal Administration


Take the minerals individually and allow tablets to dissolve in the mouth. This allows absorption via the oral mucosa. How to correctly use the How to correctly use Schüssler-Salts tablets


Tablets may also be dissolved in a glass of water and sipped. By keeping each sip in the mouth for a few moments the remedy can take full effect immediately. The water can be cold or warm.powder-administration

Hot Drink

The ‘Hot 7’ is a special form of administration recommended by therapists.

Dissolve ten Magnesium phosphate (No. 7) tablets in hot water. Then slowly sip while still warm, keeping each sip in the mouth for a few moments before swallowing.  This form of application can also be used with any other Schüssler-Salts. A cup with the number seven on it. Seven stands for The ‘Hot 7’ with Magnesium phosphate


Drops can be taken undiluted directly into the mouth, or diluted in a little water then sipped.

The following Recommendation is for internal Administration.

Tablets/Drops should be taken in a time lag before or after meals (optimal 30 minutes – mouth should be clear of food).

External Application

Schüssler-Creams and -Lotions are for external use only. They support the action of Schüssler-Salts from outside and are a sensible complement to the oral application. Creams/Lotions should be applied sparsely by gently massaging into the skin 1 – 2 times a day.

The Secret - Beautiful Skin

When in doubt: Ask your Therapist

Mineral therapy according to Dr Schüssler is well suited for self-treatment. However, for prolonged health disorder or absence of improvement professional advice should be sought. Of course, this also extends to severe organic diseases, high fever, infectious diseases, etc. Here, the mineral therapy has its natural limits.

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Schüssler-Salts & Creams in case of Sunburn

a coconut with an umbrella and sun glasses. next to a thong (flip flop) on the beach on a beautiful summer day.
Summertime – who doesn’t love outdoors activities, be it walking, jogging, relaxing, picnics, the beach, swimming, surfing, camping…, the options are vast. It all can of course be enjoyed with the right skin protection.
Sunburn can be a painful result of too much sun exposure so, apart from other protection, good sunscreen should be applied regularly and sufficiently when out and about.
Schüssler-Salt-Cream No. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum as well as the corresponding Schüssler-Salts tablets or drops  is the first recommended remedy in case of sunburn.
A quick and soothing way, when the cream is not on hand, is by dissolving 5 tablets in a cup of cold water – soak a face washer (flannel) and place flannel on the burnt area as a compress.
Good results with mild redness due to sun exposure and dehydration of the skin have also been achieved by using No. 8 Sodium chloride 6X – also in form of a compress, or the cream.
No. 3 Ferrum phosphate 12X tablets or drops can even be taken as a prevention, e.g. before your planned holiday take 2 tablets (or 10 drops) three times a day – allow tablets to dissolve in the mouth/drops can be taken in some water.
Advice  – Of course, the best medicine is prevention. Remember to drink lots of water, and if you are unsure, seek medical help.
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Anti-Stress and Nerves – Treatment with Schüssler-Salts

Good morning, what a beautiful world we live in

Anti-Stress and Nerve – Treatment with Schüssler-Salts

Especially in today’s day and age, many people are afflicted by time pressure and stress, and often feel unable to adequately cope with the set tasks. The consequences are lack of concentration, forgetfulness, fatigue right up to exhaustion. Those who don’t counteract and de-stress their life can easily end up with depression or burn-out.

This is an opportunity for the Anti-Stress and Nerves – Course of Treatment with Schüssler-Salts, as the mineral salts can strengthen the psyche in a natural way and care for a better equilibrium.

The following Schüssler-Salts have proved to be successful to that effect, each in the 6X potency:

Administration: For the course of treatment take 2 tablets of each mineral 3 times daily. Don’t forget to drink a large glass of water each time afterwards in order to accelerate the discharge of possible toxins from the body.

Duration: Normally the anti-stress – treatment should be continued for 4 weeks but can easily be extended in case of ongoing stress. In general, it is possible to take the tissue salts long-term to obtain the desired effect.

However, apart from using the Schüssler-Salts, it is also important to be proactive and ‘de-stress’. Perhaps with specific moments of relaxation, relaxation classes and stress management, meditation, or an economisation in vocation and everyday life.

Advice! Please remember that this information cannot substitute a visit to the doctor. For uncertain, serious health issues please see your doctor immediately!

Find Your Stress Relief – JOY undiluted – short, simple, and fun ways to relieve stress and feel better.

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Schüssler-Salts for Dogs

Shussler-salts for Animals

Not only are Schüssler-Salts beneficial in humans, but they have also been tested and proven in animals.

Find out which Schüssler-Salts are suitable for dogs:

The generally recommended dosage:

  • Small dogs – 3 tablets a day
  • Medium-sized dogs – 6 tablets a day
  • Large dogs – up to 10 tablets a day

Tablets are given directly or added to the drinking water.

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Enjoy your Meal!

Brushing with Schüssler-Salts (minoral) toothpaste

Nutrition plays an integral part for healthy teeth and caries prophylaxis. And, to be honest, eating is only fun when we are able to chew vigorously. Thus, the motto is: “Health starts in the Mouth – Enjoy your meal!” But what is harmful for the teeth and what makes them strong? What impact do drinks have on dental health and is a vegan diet dentally fit?

Eating and drinking with Brains

Sugar is bad for the teeth; every child knows that. However, not only sweets can harm the teeth but also starchy products such as salt-containing snacks (nuts, chips, etc.) or acidic drinks for example. Those who suss out their eating habits can do a lot for their teeth and gums:

  • Chewing crunchy vegetables and whole grain products stimulates the salivary flow which reduces harmful acids
  • Drink sufficient sugar-free fluid
  • After the consumption of sugar and acidic foods rinse the mouth with water
  • Select tooth-friendly sweets

Clever tooth-brushing with MinOral®

A tip for the health-conscious mouth- and tooth hygiene: MinOral® –  the toothpaste that nurtures teeth and gums gently, effectively, and naturally.

This is ensured by:

  • Selected minerals based on Dr Schüssler’s biochemistry
  • Exclusively harmless ingredients
  • Gentle cleaning bodies with low abrasion value (RDA)
  • Anti-bacterial Xylite for caries prophylaxis

MinOral® refrains from menthol and manages without animal contents or auxiliary materials. This makes the toothpaste ideal for users of Schüssler-Salts, homoeopathic remedies and vegans.


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Schüssler-Salts for Athletes

A beautiful day for yoga on the beach. Schussler Salts for active people

Schüssler-Salts are very suitable for athletes because they not only strengthen ligaments and joints, and ensure better post-workout regeneration, but they can also improve performance.

Whether it’s a beginner or a professional athlete, the following basic mix is recommended:

Dissolve 10 tablets of each salt in one litre of warm water and drink the mixture in small sips. Best to drink some before training commences and the rest slowly during or afterwards. Keep each sip in the mouth for a few moments; this allows a better absorption via the oral mucosa.

Athletes or people with more than 4 training sessions per week should take additionally one of the following Schüssler-Salts, depending on the type of sport.

In addition to the tablets, external application of the corresponding creams/lotions also assists after sports.

For example, gently apply creams/lotions No. 1 and No. 11 to strained joints or muscles. The creams No. 3 and No. 8 are used for bruises and contusions.

Advice: Please note that this information cannot substitute a visit to the doctor. For obscure, serious health issues please see your doctor immediately!

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The Tissue Salt for Hair, Skin, Nails and the Connective Tissue – No. 11 Silica

Hot rock massage, relaxing

Silica is regarded as the ‘beauty’ mineral. What is so special about this tissue salts?

Function in the Body

Silica assists a firm connective tissue and is vital for the growth of skin, hair, and nails.

Occurrence in the Body

As a component of the connective tissue, Silica (silicic acid) is indispensable for the body. It plays a part in the makeup of tissue structures.

Connective Tissue Weakness is caused by an Imbalance

The connective tissue is subject to a constant build-up and breakdown. In order to be able to fulfill its various duties in the organism a balance between the up and down is required. A predominance of breakdown causes reduced elasticity and stability of the connective tissue – simply put, a weakness of the connective tissue. Obvious symptoms are:

  • Flaccid skin and wrinkle formation, e.g. the face, décolletage, and upper arms
  • Cellulite, spider veins and varicose veins – mainly on upper- and lower legs
  • Stretchmarks, e.g. on abdomen and breast

What the Connective Tissue dislikes

  • Fast tissue growth (puberty, pregnancy, weight gain)
  • Intensive sunbathing
  • Hormonal changes (use of contraceptives, pregnancy, menopause)
  • Lack of exercise and overweight
  • Imbalanced diet – poor in vitamins and minerals

Tips for a strong Connective Tissue

  • Healthy and versatile diet: Fresh food and adequate fluid consumption!
  • Stimulate your connective tissue: Endurance sport combined with strength training!
  • Grant your connective tissue a beauty program: Contrast showers and massages!
  • Roll the connective tissue smooth
  • External support: Regular care with Biochemic Creams and/or Lotions

The connective tissue can also be supported purposefully and gently from inside. In accordance with Schüssler’s biochemic therapy a combination of selected tissue salts activates the body’s self-regulating forces.

Application & Dosage for tablets/drops and creams/lotions

Please refer to package insert.

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Exercises for Everyday-Life

athletic lady doing a pushup with her hands inverted

Often there is not much time left for an extensive workout in our hectic everyday life. However, minor exercises can easily be incorporated into the daily routine and make for a terrific physical feeling.

For instance, standing still at the bathroom sink in the mornings? You must be joking! Those few minutes are ideal for a little power-exercise. Swing the straight leg alternately forwards and backwards past the standing leg – 3 x 10 repetitions for each leg brings thighs and waist into peak form in a jiffy.

4 min. at breakfast: Invisible, but nevertheless important for the personal well-being – the pelvic floor musculature. Many do not know that it can be trained. And this very easily whilst sitting down. Sit upright on the edge of a chair and pull the perineal muscle inwardly to the bellybutton. Keep the tension for ca. 20 seconds, repeat 10 times.

2 min. early morning exercise: Just a few exercises immediately after getting up jump-start the metabolism for the entire day. Place your hands aback on the edge of the bed, or a chair, lower the buttocks close to the floor and slowly push upwards again – 2 x 10 repetitions with a short break.

Exercises at Noon

4 min. at your desk: Those who sit a lot run the risk of an ‘office pouch’. This quick intermittent exercise assists: Sit upright, prop up the arms on the desk (or for the advanced person on the thighs) and lift the bent knees off the floor. Keep the legs in the air for 10 seconds, repeat 6 times.

4 min. during lunch break: For flexibility, the spine needs to be stretched regularly. Sit on a chair and look straight ahead. Then twist alternately left and right so that you can grab the back of the chair with both hands and look to the back. Hold for approximately 15 seconds each time and repeat 10 times. This caters for a slim waistline.

90 sec. at the supermarket: Shopping or exercising? Why not combine both. Whilst pushing the shopping trolley both arm- and chest muscles can easily be trained. Place hands against the outside of the handle and then push apart against the side parts. Keep the tension for 20 seconds, loosen, repeat 3 times.

Exercises in the Evening

2 min. on the couch: Little exercises can easily be incorporated on the couch at night. Lay on your back, pull one leg to your chest, curl your back, and slowly lift and lower the other leg stretched. Already 2 x 30 repetitions a day with each leg conjures a flat tummy in no time.

2 min. when cooking: No need to forego some exercise here and there in the kitchen. Hold on to a chair or workbench, put your weight on one straight leg and slowly raise the other leg backwards. 2 x 20 repetitions on each side, nothing stands in the way for taut buttocks.

2 min. before going to bed: You should not boost your pulse shortly before going to bed. But relaxing yoga exercises also keep the body fit. Lay on your back and place your legs at a 90-degree angle against the wall. This is an excellent stretch and stimulates the lymphatic flow.

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Schüssler-Salts for Allergies

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from allergies, unfortunately also many children. There are lots of elicitors: For one thing animal hair or house dust mites, for another thing pollen, mould, metals and cosmetics, as well as some foods etc. At that our immune system reacts to foreign protein and releases histamine which then causes allergic reactions.

Not only are Schüssler-Salts able to alleviate suffering but they can also be used as a prevention, and this completely natural and without side-effects. Here the most essential salts are:

No. 2 Calcium phosphate 6X – This salt can be used in a short time in allergies and causes a reduced histamine distribution.

No. 4 Potassium chloride 6X – This salt helps to bring swollen mucous membranes down and has a detoxifying effect.

No. 8 Sodium chloride 6X – This salt is used especially for hey fever.

No. 10 Sodium sulphate 6X – This salt boosts detoxification.

However, it is always recommended to consult a qualified therapist.