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Well prepared for the Cold Season

Well Prepared combo for Everyday use

In the cold season, a balanced mineral metabolism is the be-all and end-all in order to be well prepared. Here our ‘Immune System Fortification’ treatment with the following Schüssler-Salts is a good tip:

No. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum 12X – The salt of the Immune system

No. 8 Sodium chloratum 6X – The salt of the Fluid balance

No. 10 Sodium sulfuricum 6X – The salt of Excretion

Well prepared

Outside it is wet and cold, inside dry heating air burdens us. Now you are well prepared with Schüssler-Salt No. 3, the salt of the immune system. Try the soothing and intense “Hot 3”. Simply dissolve 10 tablets of Ferrum phosphoricum in hot water and drink in small sips. Regular hand washing also helps to protect yourself from infection. Stressed skin benefits from the care with Schüssler-Salt cream No. 1 Calcium fluoride; without fragrances and phenoxyethanol.

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Burnout – Assistance with Schüssler-Salts

Those who suffer from burnout often take medication to treat complaints like exhaustion, insomnia, pain, or depression. One of the essential causes for burnout is continuous stress, which ensures that the mineral depots in the body become depleted.

An alternative to school medicine are Schüssler-Salts. They assist the body to utilise the minerals, absorbed through food, in a gentle manner, and reduce disorders.

The following Schüssler-Salts have proven beneficial for Burnout:

No. 5 Potassium phosphate 6X helps with physical and mental exhaustion as well as depression. In acute situations, you can take one tablet every 5 minutes until the complaints improve. After a day at the latest, apply the standard recommended dose – 1-2 tablets 3 times daily (adults).

Salt No. 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X strengthens the nerves and provides calm and relaxation at night.

Tissue salt No. 2 Calcium phosphate 6X relaxes muscles and strengthens the body.

In case of exhaustion, supplementary remedy No. 22 Calcium carbonicum 6X is recommended as it caters for an improved body regeneration.

If you would like to use the Schüssler-Salts as a course of treatment, we recommend the Anti-Stress and Nerve Course of Treatment including tissue salts No. 2 Calcium phosphate 6X, No. 5 Potassium phosphate 6X and No. 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X.

Advice! Please remember that this information cannot substitute a visit to the doctor. For uncertain, serious health issues please see your doctor immediately!

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Schüssler-Salts No. 1+8+11 – Skin- and Hair Course of Treatment

In the cooler seasons temperature fluctuation between indoors and outdoors put a strain on our skin and hair. Whereas in summer UV-radiation, perspiration, salt water, etc. take a lot out of hair and skin.

Combine three Schüssler-Salts for beauty that comes from within:

Tissue Salts No. 1+8+11 in form of tablets/drops

Administration :

Dosage: Take TWO tablets or 10 drops of the respective tissue salt at the time indicated and allow to dissolve in the mouth.

Additional Advice: Schüssler-Salts No. 1 and 11 in form of Lotion for external application

  • Lotion No. 1 – The Salt in firm skin
  • Lotion No. 11 – The Salt in taut tissue

Schüssler-Salts Skin & Hair Trio

Calcium fluoride is present in tooth enamel, the bones as well as in the cells of the epidermis. Furthermore, it is vital for the skin, tendons, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and nails. It provides the tissue with the required elasticity and firmness.

Sodium chloride is essential for the organism. Approximate half of the sodium is located in the fluid outside the cells, the so-called ‘extra cellular fluid’. In addition it exists in the bones, the cartilage, the stomach and the nerves.

As a component of the connective tissue Silica (silicic acid) is indispensable for the body. It is involved in the makeup of the tissue structure.

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Schüssler-Salts and Creams to support Therapeutic Fasting

Natural Elements_SchuesslerSalze_products

Schüssler-Tissue-Salts and -Creams are extremely popular as a supportive measure in a fasting cure because of their positive influence on purification and detoxification of the body. Schüssler-Salt No. 6 Potassium sulphate 6X in particular affects the liver metabolism and promotes both purification and the removal of toxins.

The following Schüssler creams also assist the body in therapeutic fasting:

The No. 6 Potassium sulphate cream supports the liver in its tasks while creams/lotions No. 1 Calcium fluoride  and No. 11 Silica cater for elastic skin and firm connective tissue.

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Schüssler-Salts for School Stress

Stress at school, in the job or when learning? Often concentration decreases under the pressure to learn, and one feels drained.

Schüssler-Salt No. 5 Potassium phosphate helps to increase performance and is recommended when mentally exhausted.

In order to improve the ability to concentrate, one should also consider the Schüssler-Salt No. 2 Calcium phosphate. It releases muscle tension and promotes blood circulation. The salt can be taken alternately with Schüssler-Salt No. 3 Ferrum phosphate, as the latter boosts oxygen transport.

And for a restful and refreshing sleep No. 7 Magnesium phosphate should be taken at night before bedtime.

Tip: For Examination Stress or Stage Fright take No. 5 Potassium phosphate 6X and No. 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X – both minerals and creams should be used every day, in fact until the exams are over.

Administration (adults and children alike):

  • Every morning on rising: Dissolve 5 – 10 tablets of No. 5 Potassium phosphate in a little hot water, allow to cool slightly then drink ‘chewing’
  • Apply Schüssler-Cream No. 5 to neck, shoulders, sternum and inside of knees each morning
  • At night before sleep: Dissolve 5 – 10 tablets of No. 7 Magnesium phosphate – same preparation and administration as with No. 5
  • Apply Schüssler-Cream No. 7 to the abdomen in circular movements, also massage into the feet for relaxation

Naturally, do not forget to take regular breaks, go for a walk, avoid stimulating drinks such as coffee, coca cola, etc.; and healthy food with little animal protein  and little uncooked vegetarian food is sensible.

Good luck and don’t allow yourself to get stressed!

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Schüssler-Salts to quit Smoking

Have you planned to quit smoking? A lot of willpower and stamina is required for such an undertaking. The following Schüssler-Salts may provide natural support:

The Salt No. 6 Potassium sulphate 6X occurs among other things in the mucous membranes and helps effectively with the purification.

The Salt No. 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X strengthens the nerves.

The supplementary remedy No. 27 Potassium bichromicum assists in the fight against emerging food cravings.

We wish you all the best in your endeavours!

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Correct Administration

Schüssler-Salts can easily be administered according to one’s needs. You have the choice.

Internal Administration


Take the minerals individually and allow tablets to dissolve in the mouth. This allows absorption via the oral mucosa. How to correctly use the How to correctly use Schüssler-Salts tablets


Tablets may also be dissolved in a glass of water and sipped. By keeping each sip in the mouth for a few moments the remedy can take full effect immediately. The water can be cold or warm.powder-administration

Hot Drink

The ‘Hot 7’ is a special form of administration recommended by therapists.

Dissolve ten Magnesium phosphate (No. 7) tablets in hot water. Then slowly sip while still warm, keeping each sip in the mouth for a few moments before swallowing.  This form of application can also be used with any other Schüssler-Salts. A cup with the number seven on it. Seven stands for The ‘Hot 7’ with Magnesium phosphate


Drops can be taken undiluted directly into the mouth, or diluted in a little water then sipped.

The following Recommendation is for internal Administration.

Tablets/Drops should be taken in a time lag before or after meals (optimal 30 minutes – mouth should be clear of food).

External Application

Schüssler-Creams and -Lotions are for external use only. They support the action of Schüssler-Salts from outside and are a sensible complement to the oral application. Creams/Lotions should be applied sparsely by gently massaging into the skin 1 – 2 times a day.

The Secret - Beautiful Skin

When in doubt: Ask your Therapist

Mineral therapy according to Dr Schüssler is well suited for self-treatment. However, for prolonged health disorder or absence of improvement professional advice should be sought. Of course, this also extends to severe organic diseases, high fever, infectious diseases, etc. Here, the mineral therapy has its natural limits.

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Schüssler-Salts & Creams in case of Sunburn

a coconut with an umbrella and sun glasses. next to a thong (flip flop) on the beach on a beautiful summer day.
Summertime – who doesn’t love outdoors activities, be it walking, jogging, relaxing, picnics, the beach, swimming, surfing, camping…, the options are vast. It all can of course be enjoyed with the right skin protection.
Sunburn can be a painful result of too much sun exposure so, apart from other protection, good sunscreen should be applied regularly and sufficiently when out and about.
Schüssler-Salt-Cream No. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum as well as the corresponding Schüssler-Salts tablets or drops  is the first recommended remedy in case of sunburn.
A quick and soothing way, when the cream is not on hand, is by dissolving 5 tablets in a cup of cold water – soak a face washer (flannel) and place flannel on the burnt area as a compress.
Good results with mild redness due to sun exposure and dehydration of the skin have also been achieved by using No. 8 Sodium chloride 6X – also in form of a compress, or the cream.
No. 3 Ferrum phosphate 12X tablets or drops can even be taken as a prevention, e.g. before your planned holiday take 2 tablets (or 10 drops) three times a day – allow tablets to dissolve in the mouth/drops can be taken in some water.
Advice  – Of course, the best medicine is prevention. Remember to drink lots of water, and if you are unsure, seek medical help.
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Anti-Stress and Nerves – Treatment with Schüssler-Salts

Good morning, what a beautiful world we live in

Anti-Stress and Nerve – Treatment with Schüssler-Salts

Especially in today’s day and age, many people are afflicted by time pressure and stress, and often feel unable to adequately cope with the set tasks. The consequences are lack of concentration, forgetfulness, fatigue right up to exhaustion. Those who don’t counteract and de-stress their life can easily end up with depression or burn-out.

This is an opportunity for the Anti-Stress and Nerves – Course of Treatment with Schüssler-Salts, as the mineral salts can strengthen the psyche in a natural way and care for a better equilibrium.

The following Schüssler-Salts have proved to be successful to that effect, each in the 6X potency:

Administration: For the course of treatment take 2 tablets of each mineral 3 times daily. Don’t forget to drink a large glass of water each time afterwards in order to accelerate the discharge of possible toxins from the body.

Duration: Normally the anti-stress – treatment should be continued for 4 weeks but can easily be extended in case of ongoing stress. In general, it is possible to take the tissue salts long-term to obtain the desired effect.

However, apart from using the Schüssler-Salts, it is also important to be proactive and ‘de-stress’. Perhaps with specific moments of relaxation, relaxation classes and stress management, meditation, or an economisation in vocation and everyday life.

Advice! Please remember that this information cannot substitute a visit to the doctor. For uncertain, serious health issues please see your doctor immediately!

Find Your Stress Relief – JOY undiluted – short, simple, and fun ways to relieve stress and feel better.

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Schüssler-Salts for Dogs

Shussler-salts for Animals

Not only are Schüssler-Salts beneficial in humans, but they have also been tested and proven in animals.

Find out which Schüssler-Salts are suitable for dogs:

The generally recommended dosage:

  • Small dogs – 3 tablets a day
  • Medium-sized dogs – 6 tablets a day
  • Large dogs – up to 10 tablets a day

Tablets are given directly or added to the drinking water.