The Secret – Beautiful Skin

The Secret - Beautiful Skin

The Secret – Beautiful Skin

The skin is an absolute multi-talented organ : It is a sensory organ and protective cloak; it regulates the body temperature and is the mirror of the soul. Lots of reasons to grant this allrounder the necessary attention.

The Skin is the Largest and Heaviest Sensory Organ
The skin of an adult measures 1 ½ to 2 square metres. It weighs between three and eight kilograms and makes for approximately eight per cent of our body weight.

Function on three Levels
One square centimetre skin contains 5,000 sensory cells, four neural pathways and one metre of blood vessels. Plus, the dermal appendages – sweat- and sebaceous glands, as well as hair and nails on certain parts. Let it be understood, everything on one square centimetre! In total, the skin is made of three layers: The Epidermis, the Dermis, and the Subcutis. Each layer has an important function.

Skin Layers

The Skin renews itself every month
The skin continually renews itself. In the lower part of the epidermis new water-rich cells form constantly and push the older cells to the top where they slowly dry out, cornify and die. As a result of this natural regeneration process the dead cells separate from the skin layer. Each minute an adult loses ten thousand skin cells. These skin scales are so tiny that we are often not aware of it.

This makes the Skin elastic
The dermis is the layer below the epidermis. Here is a tight mesh of collagen fibres. They stabilise the skin on the one hand and on the other hand make it elastic.

The Secret - Beautiful Skin

Care from within
Next to the tiny hair in the dermis are the sebaceous glands. They produce the smallest fat-droplets that prevent the upper layer from drying out. Its fat disperses like an ultra-thin layer on the epidermis and simultaneously protects the skin from the intrusion of pollutants and pathogens.

The Body’s own Buffer
The next layer below is the Subcutis. It contains loose connective tissue and fat. The fat cells serve as energy storage. Furthermore, they protect of coldness and cushion the bones from blows or strokes.

Skin-The installed Air conditioner

The installed Air conditioner
The sweat glands provide the epidermis with moisture. The body’s own air conditioning jumps into action especially on hot days. A pleasant coolness on our skin is felt due to the evaporation.

Well circulated
The blood vessel transport oxygen and nutrients into the epidermis. They also control the skin temperature by dilating or constricting. The more dilated the blood vessel the better the blood supply to the skin area and the warmer the skin gets.
This function assists in injuries. The blood is able to transport all substances required for wound closure and infection protection much quicker.

Well Circulated

“Fudge! Now I go red in the face again”
The expanse of vessels is controlled by the nervous system and cannot be influenced deliberately. Thus, the blushing, which we perceive as increase in temperature and unpleasant, is unfortunately unavoidable.

What touches us
The receptors on to the (ca). five million body hairs, convey the tiniest contacts, such as a tweak, prick, or a small nudge to the brain via long nerve fibres.
Equally with affectionate and tender touches. Positive neural stimuli can unfurl healing powers. Scientists have found that people who receive lots of TLC live a healthier life.

The Secret - Beautiful Skin

Pimples, Flushes, Wrinkles, Orange peel skin – enough to drive you mad

When we don’t feel comfortable in our skin, the skin will let us know – sometimes even very fiercely.

Pimples and Co.
Spots appear when a pore gets blocked by sebum, secreted by a sebaceous gland. In puberty, when sebum production is increased, young adults, in particular, suffer from bad skin.

Under no circumstances should pimples and blackheads be squeezed due to the risk of bacteria entering the deeper skin layers and cause infections.

Better to seek professional advice from a doctor or chemist.

When the Connective Tissue hits the wall
Orange peel skin (medical term: cellulitis) is the visible result of connective tissue weakness. This also includes spider veins and varicose veins. The cause reduced collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the stability and elasticity of the skin. With age the collagen production reduces.

‘It’s no skin off my nose?’
When the skin loses too much fat and moisture, for instance in heat and also in the colder season, it gets thinner, drier, and easily generates wrinkles.

Not only that, but the skin also becomes more permeable for germs and pathogens. Often the skin itches and entices to scratching. However, scratching creates injuries that may get infected. A cycle that particularly torments people with neurodermatitis.

The Secret - Beautiful Skin

Something good you can do for the Skin

This becalms the skin

  • Allow the skin to breathe freely. If possible, avoid cosmetics and concealing make-up. Excessive use of cosmetics can even cause skin irritations.
  • Use peelings sparsely. One should be aware that with peelings the horny layer gets thinner and more permeable for irritants through rubbing down
  • Shower only every second day (if possible). This doesn’t dry the skin out and spares the body’s own hydrolipid coat, which caters for the preservation of the skin flora equilibrium.
  • Protect the skin from the sun. This is the best anti-aging remedy. Because UVA- and UVB rays destroy the cell structures.
  • Refrain from caffeine. Because caffeine dehydrates the skin.
  • Drink plenty of water. This spurs the metabolism and therefore cell renewal.
  • Relinquish smoking also affects the skin. The skin has a fresher and younger appearance.

This invigorates the Skin

  • Gently massage the face.This supplies the skin with blood and makes it fuller.
  • Start the day with a contrast shower. The alternating warm and cold water not only stimulates circulation but also collagen production.
  • Giving and receiving more TLC. This boosts the production of happiness hormones.
  • Fresh air and exercise revive dull skin. A daily walk is also good for your skin.
Happy healthy, beautiful skin

Proper Skin Cleansing

  • Be mindful of the pH-level of the skin care products when cleaning the skin. The ideal pH-level should be around 5. The skin generally averages a slightly acidic pH-level of 5.5. This protective acid mantle gets quickly assaulted by alkaline soaps that are above the pH-level of 5.5.

The correct Skin Care

  • • The external use of Schüssler-Salts has been established as a valuable method in Schüssler’s biochemistry and can be adjusted to individually requirements and needs.
  • Schüssler-Salts Creams and Lotions applied externally are an effective completion to the internal administration of Schüssler-Salts. They nurture the skin gently, and with regular daily application support a health-conscious skin care.
  • Schüssler-Creams are absorbed quickly and are well tolerated, pH-neutral and free of paraffin, Vaseline, and scents. The Schüssler-Lotions have a pleasant light consistency, also absorb quickly and are particularly suited for an extensive application. Both varieties have a high care factor and can easily used under the habitual skin care, sunscreen, or make-up.
Happy healthy, beautiful skin

Power food for radiating taught Skin

The diet contributes immensely to the complexion. Special minerals, vitamins and trace-elements are part of it.

  • Kale: The power food is rich in Vitamin B3, which boosts collagen production and moisture provision of the skin. Your skin also benefits from a green smoothie.
  • Oats: Among others the healthy grain has also a high silicon content, the biochemic tissue-salt for the skin. Porridge in the morning is an excellent kickstart of the day for your skin.
  • Cucumbers: Not only good as a mask. With its high-water content (90 %) the skin receives moisture from the inside. Therefore, frequently enjoy a cucumber salad or eat cucumbers raw.
  • Bananas: Ripe bananas contain Calcium fluoride. The mineral for the connective tissue caters for more tightness and elasticity. Instead of a pudding for dessert eat a banana.
  • Nuts: Not only the fats in nuts are generally healthy, but it is claimed that the L-carnitine fosters the collagen production. Thus, from time to time eat a handful of nuts – for the benefit of your skin.
Fresh food diet, healthy, fruits and vegetables = beautiful skin