Rhino-Pflüger Nasal Spray

Rhino-Pflüger® Nasal Spray

Breathing, smelling, and protecting – this is the short version of the variety of tasks our nose has to fulfil each day.

Because our nose is involved in three vital body functions:
- Breathing
- Sense of Smell
- Immune Defense

But how is our nose structured, and how does the defense function work?

Anatomy of the Nose

The nose consists of the outer and inner nose. The outer nose is composed of the nasal skeleton and nasal cartilage. The main nasal cavity with the nasal turbinates, nasal passages, and the nasal septum, as well as the paranasal sinuses, belong to the inner nose.

The main nasal cavity with the nasal turbinates, nasal passages, and the nasal septum, as well as the paranasal sinuses belong to the inner nose.

The paranasal sinuses are air-filled cavities in the skull - including the frontal-, sphenoidal-, maxillary-, and ethmoidal sinuses. The paranasal sinuses are lined with the respiratory mucosa.

The important function of the respiratory mucosa is to quench and quickly evacuate intruders such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other foreign bodies. This is achieved with the help of the millions of mucous cells that are equipped with movable cilia.

Our Natural Defense Function

Part of our immune defense is linked to our respiratory system, which has a natural self-cleansing mechanism and thus rids itself of foreign bodies and protects of infections.

Mucociliary Clearance

In the liquid secretory layer of the mucous membrane, the cilia move rhythmically and thereby transport the super incumbent mucus, together with the trapped dirt-, and dust particles, as well as germs towards the pharynx. The phlegm is swallowed or excreted from the body through sneezing or coughing.

Why do we get a Cold?

In the case of a catarrh, the mucous membrane becomes inflamed and increasingly produces tough phlegm. This causes the ciliary movement (mucociliary clearance) and the removal of secretion, thus germs to diminish.

Symptoms are diverse:

• Blocked nose
• Runny nose
• Sneezing
• Head- / face aches
• Cough
• Fever

What helps with a blocked Nose?

• Lots of drinking
• Exercising in fresh air
• High humidity
• Decongestant nasal sprays
• Isotonic nasal sprays

RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray with Isotonic Saline Solution

RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray assists in a natural way and is free of side-effects. It contains a unique mixture of selected minerals.
The isotonic saline solution (sodium chloride 0.9%) acts as a moisturizing base, and the 5 minerals, geared to each other - following biochemistry in accordance with Dr W.H. Schüssler -  are the great PLUS for the nasal mucosa.

Rhino-Pflüger® Nasal Spray photo of box and spray
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Isotonic Nasal Sprays

Nasal sprays with isotonic saline solution dilute the mucus and ease the drainage of secretion. Compared to nasal sprays with hypertonic solutions, isotonic nasal sprays can be used long-term. Hypertonic nasal sprays have an increased salt content and, when used for a longer period of time, dry out the lining of the nose.

Easy Way to a CLEAR NOSE

RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray is suitable from infancy, as well as during pregnancy and nursing period.
This is the recommended dosage:

• Babies and infants under 2 years: as required 1 puff in each nostril several times a day.
• Children over 2 years and adults: as required 1 to 2 puffs in each nostril several times a day (1 puff = 0.14 ml). RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray is suitable for long-term use.

There are no known contraindications, interactions, or side-effects when using RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray correctly.

Little Hygiene Advice:

After use, wipe spray head and replace cap. RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray should not be used longer than 6 weeks after first use.

Innovative Spray System

Thanks to its innovative spray system, RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray manages completely without preservatives. A special 3K® air filter protects the 15 ml solution from contamination.

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Preservatives in nasal sprays like benzalkonium chloride obstruct the stroke frequency of the cilia right up to irreversible stasis.

Dependency and Habituation

In case of dependencies of decongestant nasal sprays, RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray assists withdrawal with the so-called "single-hole-therapy":

• Spray the decongestant nasal spray into one nostril
• Spray RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray in the other nostril
• Continue applying spray until breathing improves through the nostril which received RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray
• Then administer RHINO-PFLÜGER® Nasal Spray only to the other nostril, until breathing improves

Furthermore, your Nose appreciates ADDITIONAL SUPPORT

Nasal Spray

Rhino-Pflüger® Nasal Spray

Breathe Freely with a Clear Nose