Schüssler – Mineral-Cream-Blends

Stay healthy and efficient with natural Mineral-Cream-Blends, vital for our body.

Schüssler – Mineral-Cream-Blends

To stay healthy and efficient, minerals are vital for our body. Naturally. This also applies to our skin. Thus, venous disorders. as well as joint- and muscle problems, but especially certain skin afflictions can be a sign of the insufficient existence of essential minerals. This is where the Mineral-Cream-Blends apply.

NEW!- Mineral-Cream-Blends

For Facial- and Body Care with essential Minerals and nourishing Oils

The Mineral-Cream-Blends from Pflüger supply the skin with nourishing oils and selected minerals that are essential for the skin metabolism. The range includes 6 creams whose minerals specifically targets skin afflictions, as well as joint- and muscle problems, and venous disorders. The minerals are absorbed via the skin and act directly in place. All creams are well-tolerated, pH-neutral and at 100% free of paraffin and microplastic.

Pflüger stands for high-quality, natural products – made in Germany. We are experts of the Mineral Therapy according to Dr Schüssler. Thus, the Minerals-Cream-Blends are a perfect addition to our product line.

Mineral-Creme-Blend A

For the Supportive Care of Acne

Bad skin can occur at any age. Causes and severity are diverse. No matter how individually pronounced acne is, in any case, it is stressful for the person affected. Self-esteem is low, one feels anything but comfortable in one’s skin.

For an improved skin texture, bad skin, with a tendency to acne, requires the correct care. The mineral combination of the Mineral-Cream-Blend A is particularly suitable to clear burdened and blemished skin, and to stimulate skin cleansing. Skin parts, affected by acne are soothed and are able to regenerate. The contained almond oil with its vitamins nourishes the skin, valuable castor oil has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect (non-comedogenic).

Mineral-Cream-Blend A, Supportive Skin Care in Acne

Mineral-Creme-Blend E

For the Supportive Care of Eczema

Eczema is an inflammatory reaction of the skin, that can be acute or chronic. There are numerous causes, triggers, and manifestations. A targeted skin care can be beneficial.

The Mineral-Creme-Blend E is particularly suited to nourish dry, sensitive skin in eczema. Rough skin areas are soothed, the skin adjusts, the itch reduces. The cream provides moisture and helps to break-down waste matters. Besides the selected minerals, almond oil nurtures the skin, and the castor oil acts anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Mineral-Cream-Blend E, Supportive Skin Care in Eczema

Mineral-Creme-Blend G

For the Supportive Care of Joint and Muscle Problems

Healthy joints and muscles are necessary for mobility and freedom of movement. No matter if in sports, at work, or at rest – they are occupied manifoldly every day. Therefore, a synergy, free of complaints, of joints and muscles is vital for our well-being.

The Mineral-Creme-Blend G is beneficial for the use before or after physical activities in sport and leisure. Combined with a massage, its therapeutic effect even increases. Besides the selected minerals, avocado oil with its vitamins nourishes the skin, and valuable castor oil has an antiphlogistic effect.

Mineral-Cream-Blend G, supportive care of Joints and Muscles

Mineral-Creme-Blend Ge

For Facial Skin Care

Facial skin requires special care, as it should not only be beautiful, but is also permanently exposed to environmental influences like the sun, wind, cold, etc.

The Mineral-Facial-Creme Ge nourishes the stressed skin in a natural way. The face is moisturised to preserve elasticity. Apart from selected minerals, Jojoba oil soothes and protects the skin, valuable avocado oil provides moisture and has an anti-inflammatory effect (non-comedogenic).

Mineral-Cream-Blend Ge, for facial skin care

Mineral-Creme-Blend N

For the Supportive Care of Neurodermatitis

Skin, suffering from neurodermatitis, is very sensitive and can react to the slightest influences. Thus, it is especially important to protect the skin as much as possible and keep an eye on the symptoms. The correct care is the be-all and end-all in the treatment of this skin disease.

The Mineral-Creme-Blend N noticeable supports and regenerates the skin with its mineral combination. The itch reduces. It regulates the fluid balance and nourishment of the upper layers of skin. With its vitamins, almond oil nourishes the skin, valuable castor oil acts anti-inflammatory, and avocado oil provides moisture.

Mineral-Cream-Blend N, For the Supportive Care of Neurodermatitis

Mineral-Creme-Blend V

For the Supportive Care of Venous Disorders

Whether during pregnancy, long standing or sitting, after a hike or flight – there are many situations when the legs feel heavy, get swollen and are painful. Prolonged problems can cause varicose veins. The gentle massaging in in of a cream can have a therapeutic effect. Strained, heavy legs are vitalised.

The Mineral-Creme-Blend V helps the skin and vessels in venous disorders. Its mineral combination counteracts swollen legs and palpably nurtures the skin. Heavy and tired legs are naturally vitalised. The contained avocado oil is rich in vitamins, valuable castor oil stimulates the blood flow.

Mineral-Cream-Blend V, For the Supportive Care of Venous Disorders

Additional Tip:

Complement the external use with the use of Schüssler-Salts. You can find a summary of the minerals according to Dr Schüssler and their occurrence in the body in the Body-Salt -Atlas