History and Development

History and Development of Schüssler-Salts

The Cell: Origin of Health and Illness

In the 19th century the doctor and researcher from Berlin (Germany) Prof Dr Rudolf Virchow (1821 – 1902), made the pioneering discovery, that our entire organism is comprised of a multitude of small components, the cells (Cellular Pathology 1863, Rudolf Virchow).

They assume all duties which arise in our body. Virchow realised that the perfect function of these micro-components is the basic requirement for our health. When the cell does not work correctly the path to illness commences.

"Changes in the metabolism of the individual cells is reflected in the symptom group we know as disease." (Virchow)


"The essence of the disease is the pathologically altered cell."


The cell function is supported by the addition of biochemical functional remedies, so that deficiencies of minerals are eliminated.

Dr (med) Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler and his Biochemistry

The doctor from Oldenburg (Germany), was impressed by Virchow’s findings and investigated the causes of cell health and strength. He concluded that each cell has a certain need for  fine processed nutrients – the essential mineral substances. A weakened or disruption of this delicate, vital flow of nutrients has adverse consequences for the performance of the body cells and causes functional disorders which may be responsible for a number of illnesses. Schüssler established that certain mineral substances, the mineral salts, are essential for cell nourishment. He discovered 12 mineral salts and called them ‘biochemic functional remedies’.

The Schüssler-Salts

The 12 minerals, introduced by Schüssler, have cell regulating and constructive functions. He discovered that the cells best assimilate the mineral salts in a homoeopathically triturated form.

Thereby the source material is diluted and potentised in several steps in accordance with a specific technique. The potentisation allows the healing powers of the source materials to function. For the easily soluble minerals Schüssler chose the homoeopathic potency of 6X and for the heavily soluble salts the homoeopathic potency 12X.

The fine and consistent trituration of the minerals allows the active agents to be immediately absorbed via the mucous membranes of mouth and sublingual tissue and thus quickly enter the bloodstream, available for cellular assimilation.


Atlas of Tissue Salts

Schüssler-Salts perform essential tasks:

  • They guarantee nourishment of the cells
  • They stimulate the cells, providing a better utilisation of the nutrients from foods
  • They keep the cells healthy and productive
  • Schüssler-Salts = Vital Energy

The dilution of active agents is called ‘potentisation’. The higher the potency the greater the level of dilution. A remedy of a 12X potency is therefore diluted to a greater level than one at 6X.

Atlas of Tissue Salts

Dr (med) Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler