How do I recognise my need for Schüssler-Salts?

How do I recognise my need for Schüssler-Salts?

Do I need Schüssler-Salts?

There are different options to find the correct Schüssler-Salt for each individual need

  • Disorders
  • Requirements
  • Facial signs (Facial analysis)

Read here how to determine the correct salt for your needs or which ‘everyday’ – course of treatment fits your individual requirements:

Salts, one to twelve

With these combinations you are well equipped for the altering challenges of life:

  • Healthy Mid-Combo
  • Energy-Plus-Combo
  • Springtime-Fit-Combo
  • Well-Prepared-Combo
  • Balance-Combo
  • Beautiful legs - Combo
  • Beauty-Combo
  • With Enthusiasm into Spring – Combo
  • Well-aging – Combo
  • Holiday companion – Combo

An individual consultation with a qualified natural health practitioner is always recommended to attune the optimal administration of the Schüssler-Salts

Requirements / Ravenousness:

The varied requirements of the body point to the correct salt. Find out which Schüssler-Salt may assist an excessively bold need / feeling of ravenousness.

With the help of facial analysis, the requirement for minerals can be quickly and precisely determined. Already prior to the occurrence of a disorder facials signs indicate a need for a biochemic functional remedy, according to the perception of the alternative medicine technique of facial analysis. The recognition of signs is not a diagnose, as the appearance of facial analytical signs does not permit a conclusion to the physical constitution.

Based on colourations, wrinkles, structures and tautness of the skin trained therapists individually determine the respective biochemic functional remedy.