What are Schüssler-Salts?

What Are Schüssler-Salts?

Radiant appearance, relaxing sleep, bubbly vitality: For our body health is inseparably linked with a balanced mineral supply at cellular level. Dr (med) Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler  developed the healing method 140 years ago based on his discovery of the twelve essential minerals. Today, the Schüssler-Salts are popular as ever providing stimulation at cellular level without side-effects and contra indications.


Wake-up call for the Cell

According to Dr (med) Wilhelm Heinrich Schüssler (1821 – 1898), the stimulation at cellular level brought about by the highly diluted salts (molecular amounts) enables the cells to overcome distributional disorders of the minerals in the body. As a result, cell function returns to normal, the body activates self-healing processes.

Easy Handling, good Therapeutic Successes

Many everyday health issues can be assisted with the help of Schüssler-Salts, or may not occur after preventative administration. Schüssler-Salts ‘Everyday’ – Courses of Treatment

Gentle and free of side-effects, Schüssler-Salts can easily be integrated with prescription medication, traditional medicine and other natural healing therapies. Schüssler-Salts may be used from early childhood onwards. For severe acute afflictions and chronic illnesses, a professional evaluation may be necessary and therapeutic advice (medical professional, natural health professional) is recommended.

Using Schüssler-Salts wisely with Pflüger

For 70 years the company Pflüger has specialised in the production of Schüssler-Salts. With over 1.5 billion Schüssler-Salts tablets produced each year, Pflueger leads the market (INSIGHT HEALTH NPI / 2016)


Schüssler-Salts: Sustainable for health, individual in administration, fair in price.

Schüssler-Salts are produced according to the standards of the German homoeopathic pharmacopoeia and pharmaceutical regulations.

The number embossment on all Pflüger Schüssler-Salts-Tablets from No. 1 to No. 27 is particularly consumer-friendly. The colour coding of the numbers on the packaging also provides additional assistance in the administration of courses of treatment.

Pflüger Schüssler-Salts are provided in the following forms:

  • Tablets (excipient lactose, gluten-free)
  • Drops (excipient alcohol-/water mixture, lactose-free)
  • Creams and Lotions for external application