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Beautiful and Radiant Skin

Everybody desires smooth and beautiful skin. However, the reality often looks different. The skin can be dry and taut, and susceptible to wrinkles or cellulite. Here, Schüssler-Salts Creams and Lotions can take remedial action.

Start with a gentle peeling to remove dead skin scales so the skin becomes more receptive to the following skincare.

Apply Schüssler-Salts Cream or -Lotion No. 1 Calcium fluoride and No. 11 Silica to the skin and gently massage into the affected areas. Depending on the afflictions, creams/lotions can also be used in alternation, i.e. No. 1 Calcium fluoride in the mornings and No. 11 Silica at night.

An even better effect is achieved when, alongside creams/lotions, the corresponding tissue salts in form of tablets, drops or globules are used – take 1 – 2 doses of each salt three times a day.

Beauty Combo

Further fields of application:

No. 1 Calcium fluoride Cream/Lotion

Is beneficial in the treatment of haemorrhoids, eczema, ganglion, hardenings of the mammary glands due to inflammation, growth disorders of finger and toenails, skin and nail fungus, excessive formation of horny skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, skin cracks. Furthermore, Calcium fluoride softens and smoothens scar tissue. In support of the administration of Calcium fluoride 12X (tablets/drops/globules), the cream is also used in the treatment of psoriasis and spider veins.

No. 11 Silica Cream/Lotion

Is recommended for corns, aging skin with wrinkle formation, diseases concerning finger and toenails, degenerated scar tissue in wound healing, and itchy skin. To support the use of Silica 12X (tablets/drops/globules), the cream is recommended for suppurative osteitis (inflammation of the bone), sensitive and badly healing skin, infected purulent pustules, yellow festering skin scabs, inflamed and ulcerous sebaceous glands, boils, gout, and hair loss. The cream also supports medical treatments in case of degenerative diseases of the arthrodial cartilage, e.g. hip or knee.