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A Thousand Times Reliable – Fast Assistance with Schüssler-Salts and -Creams / Symptoms from A – Z

relaxing in the sun at the beach with a lovely cold mocktail to drink.

A compact and neat first-aid kit is a popular travel companion for many people.

The twelve Schüssler-Salts assist symptoms from A – Z, are easily stored in a first-aid kit, and quickly at hand.

The most frequent afflictions on vacation generally include smaller injuries, blisters on feet, upset stomach, skin irritations from cycling for example, or diarrhoea and constipation. Not to forget the symptoms after chilliness and drenching, as well as insect bites and sunburn. Schüssler-Salts help immediately and have been reliable manifold.

Hereinafter, is a selection of the most important health problems from A – Z whilst on holidays.

When administering, please consider the acute dosage

  • Adults and adolescents take one tablet every ¼ to ½ hour until improvement.
  • Babies and toddlers get one tablet every one to two hours (e.g. put tablet paste on comforter).

For general dosage see package insert

Symptoms from A – Z


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Well prepared for the Cold Season

Well Prepared combo for Everyday use

In the cold season, a balanced mineral metabolism is the be-all and end-all in order to be well prepared. Here our ‘Immune System Fortification’ treatment with the following Schüssler-Salts is a good tip:

No. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum 12X – The salt of the Immune system

No. 8 Sodium chloratum 6X – The salt of the Fluid balance

No. 10 Sodium sulfuricum 6X – The salt of Excretion

Well prepared

Outside it is wet and cold, inside dry heating air burdens us. Now you are well prepared with Schüssler-Salt No. 3, the salt of the immune system. Try the soothing and intense “Hot 3”. Simply dissolve 10 tablets of Ferrum phosphoricum in hot water and drink in small sips. Regular hand washing also helps to protect yourself from infection. Stressed skin benefits from the care with Schüssler-Salt cream No. 1 Calcium fluoride; without fragrances and phenoxyethanol.

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Schüssler-Salts for Allergies

Nowadays, more and more people suffer from allergies, unfortunately also many children. There are lots of elicitors: For one thing animal hair or house dust mites, for another thing pollen, mould, metals and cosmetics, as well as some foods etc. At that our immune system reacts to foreign protein and releases histamine which then causes allergic reactions.

Not only are Schüssler-Salts able to alleviate suffering but they can also be used as a prevention, and this completely natural and without side-effects. Here the most essential salts are:

No. 2 Calcium phosphate 6X – This salt can be used in a short time in allergies and causes a reduced histamine distribution.

No. 4 Potassium chloride 6X – This salt helps to bring swollen mucous membranes down and has a detoxifying effect.

No. 8 Sodium chloride 6X – This salt is used especially for hey fever.

No. 10 Sodium sulphate 6X – This salt boosts detoxification.

However, it is always recommended to consult a qualified therapist.

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Decisive for the Health: Our Immune System

“Health is not Everything, but without Health everything is Nothing!”

Nowadays, many people are anxious to take a holistic approach to their health – starting with the diet and adequate physical exercise.
However, a balanced mineral metabolism is also a good prerequisite.
The immune system is responsible for the preservation of our health, and protects us all year round against bacteria and viruses.
Read how the immune defense secures our well-being. Our Immune System
Schüssler-Salt No. 3 Ferrum phosphate has a stake in the Immune System and cares for a good oxygen absorption in the body. Continue reading Decisive for the Health: Our Immune System