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Decisive for the Health: Our Immune System

“Health is not Everything, but without Health everything is Nothing!”

Nowadays, many people are anxious to take a holistic approach to their health – starting with the diet and adequate physical exercise.
However, a balanced mineral metabolism is also a good prerequisite.
The immune system is responsible for the preservation of our health, and protects us all year round against bacteria and viruses.
Read how the immune defense secures our well-being. Our Immune System
Schüssler-Salt No. 3 Ferrum phosphate has a stake in the Immune System and cares for a good oxygen absorption in the body. Iron (Ferrum phosphate) is found in all body cells, mainly the muscle cells and as a component of hemoglobin

The Immune-­Treatment combines tissue salts Nr. 3 with Nr. 6 and Nr. 7
Mornings: Nr. 3 – Ferrum phosphoricum – Noon: Nr. 7 – Magnesium phosphate – Night: Nr. 6 – Potassium sulphate   

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