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Enjoy your Meal!

Brushing with Schüssler-Salts (minoral) toothpaste

Nutrition plays an integral part for healthy teeth and caries prophylaxis. And, to be honest, eating is only fun when we are able to chew vigorously. Thus, the motto is: “Health starts in the Mouth – Enjoy your meal!” But what is harmful for the teeth and what makes them strong? What impact do drinks have on dental health and is a vegan diet dentally fit?

Eating and drinking with Brains

Sugar is bad for the teeth; every child knows that. However, not only sweets can harm the teeth but also starchy products such as salt-containing snacks (nuts, chips, etc.) or acidic drinks for example. Those who suss out their eating habits can do a lot for their teeth and gums:

  • Chewing crunchy vegetables and whole grain products stimulates the salivary flow which reduces harmful acids
  • Drink sufficient sugar-free fluid
  • After the consumption of sugar and acidic foods rinse the mouth with water
  • Select tooth-friendly sweets

Clever tooth-brushing with MinOral®

A tip for the health-conscious mouth- and tooth hygiene: MinOral® –  the toothpaste that nurtures teeth and gums gently, effectively, and naturally.

This is ensured by:

  • Selected minerals based on Dr Schüssler’s biochemistry
  • Exclusively harmless ingredients
  • Gentle cleaning bodies with low abrasion value (RDA)
  • Anti-bacterial Xylite for caries prophylaxis

MinOral® refrains from menthol and manages without animal contents or auxiliary materials. This makes the toothpaste ideal for users of Schüssler-Salts, homoeopathic remedies and vegans.