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Schüssler-Salts for School Stress

Stress at school, in the job or when learning? Often concentration decreases under the pressure to learn, and one feels drained.

Schüssler-Salt No. 5 Potassium phosphate helps to increase performance and is recommended when mentally exhausted.

In order to improve the ability to concentrate, one should also consider the Schüssler-Salt No. 2 Calcium phosphate. It releases muscle tension and promotes blood circulation. The salt can be taken alternately with Schüssler-Salt No. 3 Ferrum phosphate, as the latter boosts oxygen transport.

And for a restful and refreshing sleep No. 7 Magnesium phosphate should be taken at night before bedtime.

Tip: For Examination Stress or Stage Fright take No. 5 Potassium phosphate 6X and No. 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X – both minerals and creams should be used every day, in fact until the exams are over.

Administration (adults and children alike):

  • Every morning on rising: Dissolve 5 – 10 tablets of No. 5 Potassium phosphate in a little hot water, allow to cool slightly then drink ‘chewing’
  • Apply Schüssler-Cream No. 5 to neck, shoulders, sternum and inside of knees each morning
  • At night before sleep: Dissolve 5 – 10 tablets of No. 7 Magnesium phosphate – same preparation and administration as with No. 5
  • Apply Schüssler-Cream No. 7 to the abdomen in circular movements, also massage into the feet for relaxation

Naturally, do not forget to take regular breaks, go for a walk, avoid stimulating drinks such as coffee, coca cola, etc.; and healthy food with little animal protein  and little uncooked vegetarian food is sensible.

Good luck and don’t allow yourself to get stressed!