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Burnout – Assistance with Schüssler-Salts

Those who suffer from burnout often take medication to treat complaints like exhaustion, insomnia, pain, or depression. One of the essential causes for burnout is continuous stress, which ensures that the mineral depots in the body become depleted.

An alternative to school medicine are Schüssler-Salts. They assist the body to utilise the minerals, absorbed through food, in a gentle manner, and reduce disorders.

The following Schüssler-Salts have proven beneficial for Burnout:

No. 5 Potassium phosphate 6X helps with physical and mental exhaustion as well as depression. In acute situations, you can take one tablet every 5 minutes until the complaints improve. After a day at the latest, apply the standard recommended dose – 1-2 tablets 3 times daily (adults).

Salt No. 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X strengthens the nerves and provides calm and relaxation at night.

Tissue salt No. 2 Calcium phosphate 6X relaxes muscles and strengthens the body.

In case of exhaustion, supplementary remedy No. 22 Calcium carbonicum 6X is recommended as it caters for an improved body regeneration.

If you would like to use the Schüssler-Salts as a course of treatment, we recommend the Anti-Stress and Nerve Course of Treatment including tissue salts No. 2 Calcium phosphate 6X, No. 5 Potassium phosphate 6X and No. 7 Magnesium phosphate 6X.

Advice! Please remember that this information cannot substitute a visit to the doctor. For uncertain, serious health issues please see your doctor immediately!