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No longer Circulation Problems

Help with Problems on Hot Days & Tips against Heat

High temperatures make it difficult to stabilize circulation. Find out how to keep a cool head on hot days and manage circulation problems in hot weather.

In summer, especially on extremely hot days, many people experience circulatory problems. The cause is simple: When it’s too hot, our body’s cooling mechanism is overwhelmed and reacts with symptoms such as dizziness, headache, perspiration and low blood pressure. These symptoms should never be ignored! Usually, sweating helps to cool down. But even our body’s own air conditioner has its limits in certain temperatures and we perspire too much and thus lose too many nutrients – the eternal battle with the circulation starts.

So that you are fit in summer and the heat doesn’t bother you, here are a few tips for a stable circulation in high temperatures.

The best Tips for a steady Circulation on Hot Days

  1. Drink at least between three and four litres of water each day, because you lose more water than usual through heat and lots of perspiration.
  2. Too heavy meals also put a strain on the body, thus delicious salads with lots of vitamins are terrific meals. In addition, avoid alcohol, as this further extracts fluid and minerals
  3. Air only mornings and night, when it is still cool. During the day keep blinds, curtains closed to keep the sun out. And, breathable clothing made of natural fibres also helps to stay cool.
  4. Avoid severe physical efforts like sports, as this increases the body temperature.
  5. Tip for Emergencies: Application of ice cold water to the wrists or a cold foot bath chills down the body and caters for a clear head. When nothing helps the only solution is: Go to the pool and chill.

For general stabilization and strengthening of the circulation, Schüssler-Salts No. 3 Ferrum phosphate 12X and No. 5 Potassium phosphate 6X are recommended.